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The Importance Of A Good Pet Bed

Why does my pet need a bed? And how do I choose the right one?

These are great questions any pet owner should ask themselves. Often the pet bed is considered secondary to food and toys. But this is a mistake.

It’s very similar to what is happening with humans too. We spend more money on our computers, going out to dinner, or toys, than on our beds. Even though, the quality of our sleep is one of the biggest factors in our happiness. When we sleep well, we are happier and more effective. We learn better so we become even more effective.

Our sleep is really the critical element in our learning and training. Without it, we are not only less happy but we are also creating more unhappiness in the future.

So the same applies to our dogs of course. Sure, dogs seem like they can sleep anywhere. But for a dog to feel fully secure and rest completely, they need to have their own place. A place where they know they won’t be disturbed. A pet bed that supports their body, stops bugs and bacteria from growing and can withstand some playful bites.