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Sasquatch D

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Dear Sasquatch! Pet Beds,

I just bought a black bed & I LOVE IT!!  As does my new puppy…  I was wanting to get 2 more possibly, but I would really like the camo bed.  Do you know when you might have these back in stock??  What a great idea & easy, easy clean up!!!  I love it and will have these in my house forever!!!  I will also recommend them to everyone!!!  Thanks for a great product!!

Kim Huggins


Dear Sasquatch! Pet Beds,

 So I was looking up dog bed and this came up on a luxury list.  I did some more research on it and I simply fell in love!  The quality material is perfect and the design is adorable!  I know my doggy best friend will love it as they are simply irresistible!  These are a must buy, 5 out of 5!

Caitlin Homstad

Culver City, CA


Dear Sasquatch Pet Beds,

My Tinkerbell absolutely loved her new bed the minute she saw it she wanted to jump out of our arms and into the bed! Her name is Tinkerbell she is a Chihuahua who is 6 years old lives in Avondale, AZ

Thank you 


Dear Sasquatch! Pet Beds

I just got a new pink clog bed today for my birthday (sent from my mom in Nederland, Texas and I’m in Los Angeles , California ) and I just love it! In one photo is Ozzie, a white Havanese mix from the pound and he is very much enjoying his new bed. Even though he is a boy, he looks gorgeous in his pink Sasquatch! clog bed. Our cats love it, too and I have included a photo of Fat Lou taking a nice nap in the Sasquatch!. I have another dog and two more cats just waiting to get into the Sasquatch! for naps but Lou won’t get out of it!

Thanks for making such a funny and useful product!

 Mari Blackwell
Los Angelos, CA


Anderson LIVE Mascot – NICO, LOVES his Sasquatch!®Nico.Anderson Live Mascot

Sasquatch!® Pet Beds (2)

Anderson Live! 2/2013


Papi & Chloe Stars of Disney’s “Beverly Hills Chihuahua II” show off their Sasquatch!® at Press Conference!


Chica & Frostee’s Litter – LOVE IT


Zeus, from Madison, WI – lounging in his Snow Yeti™ bed

Back Camera

Mimzy loves her Fawn Sasquatch!®

 Fawn FrazerMimzysasquatch bed

Wayne Pacelle (President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States/HSUS) and Beverly Kaskey (Senior Director, Hollywood office of The HSUS) show off the Fuchsia Sasquatch!® at their big Hollywood charity event!

Wayne, President of the United States Humane Society and his Sasquatch!

This lucky gal took a break from walking at the SuperZoo show in Las Vegas to rest in the Fawn Sasquatch!®

Add your Own Color!!


Cody the cat takes a snooze in his Fuchsia Sasquatch!®


This cheerful Jack Russell shows off our Midnight Sasquatch!® with the optional Cheetah Sasquatch!® Sock.



Lucy from Madison, Wisconsin, loves her Lollipop Sasquatch!®

Out Comes The Lining & it Makes a Great Raft for Shorty!


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