Our Passion


“Everything in Our World of Pets and Shoes…”

Since the very beginning of time & pet ownership, it seems pets have always been affiliated in Sasquatch Hsome capacity to footwear. Whether they are chewing on them, playing with shoe strings, or just laying in a pile of them, we will always associate our pets with LOVE of our footwear.

At Unique Beast, LLC, our Passion is to acknowledge, accelerate and facilitate passions and LOVE between our Pets and Shoes through the introduction of novel, distinctive, first-of-its-kind products to the marketplace.


  •  Gold Medal Winner!

The Sasquatch!® Pet Bed won the prestigious PET AGE “Retailer Select®” Award for Product Excellence at the HH Backer’s Christmas Pet Show in Chicago in 2008!

  • Best Product Winner!tn

The Sasquatch!® Pet Bed also won a Best New Product Award at the SuperZoo 2008 Trade Show in Las Vegas!